The Parliament Project 

The Parliament Project exists to inspire, empower and encourage women to run for political office in the UK. 

We run informative and skills building events/workshops and provide links to current research in women in politics. We hope to create a groundswell of women entering political parties, pressing them to adjust and change and ultimately to achieving 51% female representation in all levels of politics.

We are grateful to be supported by The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust

Inspiration events

The main thing the Parliament Project does is run a set of events across the UK to encourage women to get involved in politics and stand for election. The goal is to increase the numbers of women who hold political power. These events are either 'information events' which bring together female MPs current and past, specialists in gender and politics, academics and councillors to share stories and challenges to inspire women to put themselves forward for elected office. Or they are practical workshops on the nuts and bolts of becoming an MP, MSP or Local Councillor. If you would like an event in your area please email

Encourage a woman you know to stand for election! Send her this postcard by email. 

The Parliament Project is delighted and very grateful to be funded by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust and would like to thank Progressive Women for their recent kind donation.