The Parliament Project 

The Parliament Project exists to inspire, empower and encourage women to run for political office in the UK. 

Launched in summer 2016 in London and Edinburgh we intend to run informative and skills building events, provide links to current research in women in politics and offer a peer networking service to support women's journey to get elected.

Join us in Edinburgh on Sep 10th for our first workshop: Explore your political pathway. 

Inspiration events

The Inspiration Series is a set of events running in London and Edinburgh, bringing together female MPs current and past, specialists in gender and politics, academics and councillors to share stories and challenges to inspire women to put themselves forward for elected office.

Image by Neil Conway, Creative Commons

Image by Neil Conway, Creative Commons


What is the state of play in the world with regards to women in parliaments? What does good look like? Are quotas for women the answer? Which countries should we follow? We point the way to the research done by womens equality groups, governments and academics in this area. 

Peer support

So you've decided you want to run for public office but feel the need for the encouragement of other women. Join our peer support network. Running over 12 month, this network involves online connection and monthly phone calls, all supporting your bid for power.