The Parliament Project


The Parliament Project is a non-partisan project to inspire, empower and encourage women to run for political office in the UK. We run workshops and webinars to demystify the process for women wanting to get involved in politics and online peer support circles to support women's political ambitions more deeply. Active across England and Scotland, over 1,300 women have attended our workshops in the last 2 years. We are creating a groundswell of women entering political parties to ultimately achieve 51% female representation in all levels of politics. 

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Our Impact


women attending our workshops

Women attend our workshops for many reasons, either to find out how to join a party, navigate the party political system, how to stand or to get the final inspiration to go for it.  


Cities across the UK

Workshops run in: Aberdeen, Aberdour, Ayr, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Chester, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Lincoln, Liverpool, London, Maccelsfield, Manchester, Newcastle, Perth, Sheffield, Stockport, Wigan and York. 


POlitical parties

We have hosted speakers from the SNP, Conservatives, Scottish Conservatives, Scottish Greens, Green Party of England & Wales, Liberal Democrats, Scottish Lib Dems, Labour, Scottish Labour, Womens Equality Party.