What is the Parliament Project?

Having women in power matters. 

There is a wealth of research out there on exactly how and why it matters, with Dr Sarah Childs leading in Bristol, Prof Fiona MacKay and Dr Meryl Kenny leading in Scotland, the Centre for Women and Democracy pulling it together in the UK overall. 2010 even saw a Speakers Conference on the subject of women's political representation. We don't lack information and the picture is very complex. We need more women to come forward to be elected. We need political parties to implement policies which address the structural and systemic barriers holding women back. We need media coverage to change so female politicians are taken seriously. We need a cultural shift in the UK so women stand as much of a chance of being elected as men.

The Parliament Project cannot and does not address all these things. It works on supply side, encouraging and training women to be ready to take on political ambition, understanding what the roles involve, getting inspired, learning how to speak in public, networking with other women doing the same. Supporting each other. Creating a critical mass. 

Launched in summer 2016 we hold events and training sessions to encourage women to get into politics, as well as creating peer support groups so you can share your successes and pains with others. We will work in Scotland and England initially, to expand to Wales over the next year or so. Come and join us in a bid to get more women elected. 

The Parliament Project is delighted to have been awarded a grant by The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust


Founder and Co-Direcor Lee Chalmers was interviewed about the project at the Women 50:50 conference in Edinburgh in Nov 2015.