Encourage your friend to get involved in politics

Research shows when women are encouraged to join a party or stand for election they are much more inclined to get involved. We need to encourage the amazing women in our lives to stand. Ask a woman to stand. Send her one of these postcards. Enter your friends name and email address to send her this e-card to tell her you think she would make a fabulous Councillor, MP, Scottish MP, Welsh Assembly Member. 


Image above by Nicholas Raymond 


The world needs women in politics. Research shows that women are more likely to run if someone taps them on the shoulder and encourages them. I am doing this to you. You are amazing and I think you'd make a brilliant...

    Local Councillor

    Welsh Assembly Member



Please consider getting involved in politics. If you are not sure where to start, sign up to the Parliament Project who provide information and support you need to get elected.