Peer Support

"If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together."

Often people say that it was the support of friends and family that made a difference to their success. The Parliament Project peer mentoring scheme is designed to build on the strength of each other. With a pilot programme starting in early 2017, you join 3-4 other women all wanting to run for political office, be that national Parliament, devolved Parliament or local government. Meeting regularly online, and once a month on the phone, you share goals and challenges with each other, supporting each other along the way.  

In each meeting you get a chance to spend dedicated time to discussing your political pursuit, sharing your thoughts and challenges, getting input from the team. The initial pilot group will run for 6 months, helping prepare you to choose a party, to run for local council, to run for national parliament, whatever your political ambitions. We aim to match people who are at the same stage of the journey and with similar political views so you feel safe and supported.