get ready to stand! Online Peer Support Circles

Running alongside the webinars we are offering further support through our new online peer support circles - think of it as digital bootcamp for those of you who are on the pathway to making political power a reality! Our Parliament Project consultants will facilitate you through a 6-session journey with a small group of peers supporting you to get ready to run. Hour-long sessions will build on the discussion and content of the webinars and create practical and safe spaces for you to connect with others and explore and plan your pathway.


The peer support circle programme is a deliberate and intentional space for your individual personal and political growth, using the power of peer connections, reflections and support. To participate you will want to be:

  • Motivated: You will be seriously considering running for political office and want to explore this further. It could be that you want to run at the next available opportunity or have a firm inkling it is something you want to prepare for at some point in your life.
  • Committed - to yourself and your peers. You will want to attend all of the peer sessions, approximately 1 per month and either attend or watch the webinar recordings. We estimate that to get the most out of the programme you will want to be able to spend a further 2 to 3 hours each week working your way on your political pathway.
  • Open To trying new things, to understanding and discussing the views of others, to receiving feedback and sharing your experiences with others.
  • Respectful Our work is cross-party, and we believe that bringing women together across political perspectives is a powerful benefit to supporting women into politics, circles will be open to women of all political parties, and none.

Dates - Circles will be 1 hour in length, all scheduled at lunchtimes on Thursdays and facilitated through the Zoom video conferencing platform. 

Circle 1: 8th February 2018            12.30-13.30

Circle 2: 15th February 2018          12.30-13.30

Circle 3: 8th March 2018                12.30-13.30

Circle 4: 22nd March 2018             12.30-13.30

Circle 5: 26th April 2018                 12.30-13.30

Circle 6: 24th May 2018                 12.30-13.30

All webinar sessions and coaching circles will be delivered via Zoom video conference. The peer coaching circles programme will also be supported by a Facebook closed group for everyone involved in the circles. 

The sessions are all provided free of charge thanks to a grant from the The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd.  If you are interested in taking part in our next Peer Circle, please email 

If you have any questions or require further information to enable your participation please contact