Political Parties

Once you have decided you want to stand as a candidate you need to understand the process, both the legal aspects and what the individual parties do. Here we list the basics as well as how to connect to each of the parties.

First start by reading the official Parliamentary Guide to standing in an election. "How can I stand?" The next thing is to find your local part and make contact about attending a local meeting. 

If you are unsure which party you should be in, try this quiz. (More centred on UK parties than the devolved nations.) Use the links below to contact the party direct. 


The Conservatives

Contact: candidateenquiries@conservatives.com or 0207 984 8127. In Scotland: membership@scottishconservatives.com or 0131 348 5000.

Women's groups: Women 2 Win, Conservative Women


Liberal Democrats

Contact: candidates@libdems.org.uk. In Scotland: 0131 337 2314

Women's groups: Liberal Democrat Women 



Contact: post@plaidcymru.org or 029 2047 2272. 

Women's groups: Plaid Women


Scottish National Party

Contact: info@snp.org, 0800 633 5432

Women's groups: SNP Women



Contact: mail@ukip.org, 0333 800 6800

Women's groups: ??


Womens equality party

Contact: info@womensequality.org.uk or 020 7407 9230

No specific women's group because the whole party is aimed at gender equality